Suze Lindsay and Kent Mclaughlin own and operate Fork Mountain Pottery in the mountains of western NC.

Their studio represents two distinctive styles, each potter approaching and interpreting their ideas about utilitarian wares.  Kent works primarily in porcelain, making pots for daily living and experimenting with traditional Eastern glazes which include carbon-trap shinos and celadons.  Suze’s stoneware pots sublty suggest human form and character as she manipulates her forms by altering them after they are thrown. An integral part of her work includes using surface decoration to enhance form by patterning and painting slips and glazes for firing in the salt kiln.

They share a passion for working with their hands, and for making pots for everyday use that are well crafted and a pleasure to use. That use can range from a mug for your first cup of coffee in the morning to lighting the candelabra for an intimate dinner.


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